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Pithy, contrarian, politically incorrect and curmudgeonly rants on sex, money, power and politics and religion and philosophy. In short: Nothing matters, everything changes and there are no guarantees. The rest is rationalization and bribery. (c) Tom Milner 2002-2003. DIRECTORY of offensive POSTS at Archives: 07/09/03. RECOMMENDED BLOGS: Archives: 07/29/03. email: theoldbuzzard AT sunnyplaceforshadypeople DOT com.

Saturday, November 02, 2002

Monday, November 04, 2002

The specter of sports seeped into our consciousness a couple of weeks ago -- something to do with baseball's World Series.

We deny no one his right to an escapist adventure, but we cannot fathom the madness attendant on boosting the "home team."

By what route did he come "home?" Accident of birth or geography? Ordained by whatever gods to be a mindless boaster?

What's the point? (We understand that in some benumbed and blighted provinces the Divine (whoever that is) is actually invoked to intervene personally and favorably on one side or the other.)

These morons lavish money for overpriced admissions to their chosen spectacle (usually the most violent), enfold themselves in team shirts and blankets, and wave their banners endlessly.

Not to mention the utter and obscene waste of taxpayers' money building stadiums for wealthy club owners.

If anyone were to subsidize these lavish compounds, it should be the Mafia, since they rent enough major players to skew the point spreads their way. Thus most of these "games" are fixed from the start anyway.

Are the sports devotees so bereft of imagination, their lives so barren of possibility that there's no pleasure left but the "home team?"

No identity save the corporate logo of the stable they worship?

These are the pitied ones.


(c) Tom Milner 2002

Thursday, October 31, 2002

Friday, November 01, 2002

The National Rifle Association is almost too easy a target.

But we'll try.

Take their latest hysterical opposition to ballistic fingerprinting, for example. What's with these dolts anyway?

These baboons exert far more influence (read bribery) in the Congress than their membership numbers justify, and their positions are opposed by a majority of the polled.

We don't object to gun ownership per se, and reluctantly empathize with hunters (even those who kill for sport rather than the table), and the usually inept defenders of the hearth and home.

But Uzi's and other assault weapons?

These old boys are really just looking to show off with a bigger dick (piece) than the other guy.

And these strutting macho wannabes have both the clout and the money to purchase, rent, or long term lease most politicians, who choose, of course, to ignore the majority views (in most cases) of their constituents on the issue.

We have no answers.

Never have. Never will.

Framing the question is hard enough.

But some kind of effective registration or checks that would curtail mindless violence, in the shooting gallery this country has become, should be launched by those far more qualified than we.

Shouldn't the cops (who also love extending their pricks) be a major part of this effort, if only to save their own corrupt asses?

Begin some kind of barrage against the NRA's armamentarium, from whatever quarter of civil society that fancies itself equal to this match.

Sadly, there are few -- if any.


This rant appears on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Of all organized religions, the one we find most insidious -- even sinister -- and based on truly sound business practices more than on revealed "Truth" and piety, is Mormonism.

Billions of dollars from successful businesses and property all over the country pour in every year. (The Faithful donate their minimum 10% as well.)

When those young grifters ("missionaries") knock on your door in their starchy white shirts, unfashionable ties and cheap suits, the goal is to convert not you but your money -- into the Church's purse. Swell the member rolls is the watchword.

Even more treasonous is their belief in the Mormon Kingdom of God on Earth so to govern -- yes, govern -- the World as God's anointed appointees.

Indeed, many of these scoundrels sit today in state houses, legislatures and Congress.

In the 1960 presidential election Kennedy was confronted with the charge that Rome would rule the country. That was foolishness, but the very idea of Salt Lake City some day imposing its will from the White House is chilling.

The prim and proper youngsters, so well scrubbed, who come calling are seemingly selling "family values" (whatever these are) with all the enthusiasm of their childish morality and ethics.

Peddlers of superstition.

Better that we simply admit we do not have the answers to the Great Questions than to gamble on embracing a phony religion (dedicated to the buck) as genuine.

Keep your wallets kept!


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