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Saturday, January 25, 2003
Monday, January 27, 2003

Bush just can't wait to play Vietnam's Lyndon Johnson as Texan Commander-in-Chief -- or, Bush as Varlet.

Thus the torrents of war with Iraq seem inevitable.

Along with the War on Terror at Home, the unpleasant North Koreans and increasingly vicious attacks on Americans abroad.

Bush refuses to endorse energy conservation and the avoidance of waste generally, but enthuses oozily over travel and spend, shop and drop.

And what color on the alert chart are we today?

Do we even care?

As if knowing we then could do something.

Let's restore the fine and unambiguous designation of the Department of Defense to the War Department, as it was so fondly known to generations.

Now, Bush is probably as (incuriously) competent on the home front as any Democrat would be.

But his Iraqi divertissement is motivated by greed for oil and "regime change."

(It's also about repaying Saddam for his planned assassination of "Poppy" Bush.)

So we continue the Hunt for OBL in Afghanistan, bomb Baghdad, contain North Korea and futilely warn of terrorists in the U.S., keeping the eye wary on Iran, Israel and even Venezuela.

Not much we can do, as civilians, in Kabul, Baghdad, Pyongyang, Tehran, Jerusalem or Caracas.

So what about self-protection at home?

Bomb shelters? These weren't credible even in the 1950's.

Survival stores? Edibly tempting during chemical and biological attack?

Gold coin and bars? If this evolves as the preferred currency, there will be little buying and less living.

We reckon the religious can pray.

And we can continue to live selfishly, guzzling natural resources, and simply accept our lot.

Since there's apparently nothing we can do to make a difference (and a difference to be a difference must make a difference), we can only recognize that life is randomly selective at best, that we are simply the pawns of chance, coincidence and fate.

And that we're simply high-toned nihilists among a herd of crazed and acquisitive war mongers.

Let the varletry begin.


MUST READ: Joan Didion, "Fixed Opinions, or The Hinge of History," NY Review of Books, Jan. 16, 2003


Thursday, January 23, 2003
Friday, Janaury 24, 2003

We're addicted to abbreviations and acronyms.

Recently, we noticed a trend, however belatedly: the use of BCE (Before the Common Era) for the old B.C., and CE (Common Era) for A.D.

Happy old atheists are we that we hoped the linguistic brass had finally taken religion out of dating.

Unhappily, we discovered that BCE still means B.C., CE still A.D., defined by the major dictionaries as "Christian" eras.

Nonetheless, we will in future use BCE and CE in all social situations.

In our youth, we were often AWOL (from ROTC) before moving to an APO.

We're thankful for ATM's where we can, PDQ, withdraw SS and COLA money, none of which will be contributed to the DAR.

We endorse the use of DNA in criminal trials, a much more scientific approach than ESP.

FYI: we much prefer NASA to OPEC, the NAACP to the KKK, PC (Personal Computer) to PC (Politically Correct), RIP to SRO, DOA to GOP, CPR to DWI, IQ to SUV, VO to OJ, MVP to IRS, RSVP to SASE, UFO to AA, DNR to AIDS, IMF to FBI, POW to MIA, RFD to ZIP, REM to MD, F to C, and PM to AM.




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Tuesday, January 21, 2003
Wednesday, January 22, 2003

So: it's immaculately tolerable to Drug Enforcement Administration czar Asa Hutchinson (the Arkansas Boob) for our military to abuse drugs (dextroamphetamine: speed; and tranquilizers: sleeping potions) in (and out) of combat, but sternly forbidden for civilians to toke a peace-inducing joint.

Typical Government Hypocrisy.

Not that any of this duplicity is new.

British aviators used (and yes, probably abused) accelerants in World War II, and the Navy and Air Force dispensed Dexedrine to pilots in Vietnam, the 1991 Persian Gulf war and Afghanistan. (Hightimes)

Crank-induced aggression (to which we are adamantly opposed) might define the April bombing of a Canadian army unit, as well as the July bombing of an Afghani wedding party.

Not to mention the three recent Ft. Bragg domestic murders.

Something is terribly askew here.

Now, the only drugs we moderately countenance are marijuana, alcohol, the occasional sedative, and coffee (always generously laced with calming Cognac).

All, excepting caffeine, depressants.

We abhor the high velocity drugs and the numbing idiocy of heroin.

However, we could probably be persuaded to the utility of speed in actual combat.

But this begs the question: who is hooking whom, when, where and why.

Apologize to the Canadians (and the Afghans) and then liberate the doubtlessly innocent U.S. pilots indicted in these "friendly fire" incidents.

Friendly fire indeed.

Alliterative euphemistic mellifluity.

Government is already in the drug regulation business anyway: alcohol.

Asa, Asa, Asa.

Let's just legalize and sanely manage the distribution of all drugs for everyone.

Military or civilian.

Of course, this line is much too rationally sensible for our government to even consider.

Republicans -- or Democrats -- cranking out such legislation would righteously offend the Religiously Effete.



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