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Saturday, February 08, 2003
Monday, February 10, 2003

Bush of the Sneer and the Smirk continues his imbecilic offenses against the commonweal, giving us no pause in our righteous vituperation.

He's the eternal frat rat peering at us on television with such mock earnestness, as he relentlessly turns the country toward the nightmare of war, 1984, and the Depression of the 1930's.

(And all this color-coded alert nonsense is the sound of Republicans covering their ass.)

Bush creepily pursues the New Republican Agenda of war, deficits, taxes, and the death of social and environmental programs.

Not since FDR (and Reagan) has such a blitzkrieg of new regulations and legislation rained down on Congress.

This is the same president who ignores or nullifies international treaties, seemingly at whim, and then courts and bribes the international community when he needs them.

Thank whatever gods for the Old Europe (France and Germany), reluctant to endorse Bush's military adventurism.

At home he's busily building a utopia for the wealthy, where they can comfortably thrive untaxed, untouchable, and unaware.

Deficits he will grow for both the war machine and those tax subsidies for the rich.

These debts will start hurting around November, 2004 (but after his coronation in that election) in the form of higher interest rates.

No more cheap re-fi's and no help at all to the dying stock market. (It will never recover. Trillions have been lost on his watch.)

Apart from giving big teat to the affluent, he will dismantle Medicare and Medicaid to compensate his old pals: the insurance companies and the HMO's.

His pension reform (including Social Security) will abolish "fixed" options, so the lower to lower middle classes will be coerced into a cadaverous market.

His environmental plan entails the destruction of most protections, including "contracting out" jobs, like Park Ranger, and drilling in Alaska. (The same idiot who frisks you at airports will now escort you around Yellowstone.)

He will radically change (with Democratic collusion on this) the bankruptcy laws to favor the wealthy.

Perhaps we'll even rediscover the joys of debtors' prisons, and of course the equivalent of concentration camps for unaborted minority youth.

His narrow vision is for a Christian Nation, with the fevered and vitriolic evangelicals presiding piously over the Religious Gestapo.


We are entering a bleak, dark void.

We've begun an active search for a Parisian pied-a-terre and perpetual accommodations in Pere Lachaise.


Hereafter, the rant will appear on Mondays and Thursdays.


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Thursday, February 06, 2003
Friday, February 07, 2003

On the other hand, and after all, there are asexuals to consider.

One tends to overlook them with all the competing sexual shades and combinations extant today.

But they're everywhere.

One's best friend may be secretly asexual, and indeed many are closeted, rightly fearing irrational humiliation, from gays and straights alike.

The number who pass for straight far exceeds those who self-identify as asexual -- and their total amounts to a low one digit percentage.

We are assured by the Asexual Lobby that in the "past few years there have been increasing murmurs [sic] of people identifing [sic] ... [as asexual]."

They should just speak right up, like all the other sexual segments of the pansexual pantheon, and demand recognition and implementation of their program.

A spicy footnote: neuters tend to form close relationships with their own gender, because "intergender are [sic] viewed as sexual relationships in the making."

"As a result when [they] find themselves in love with (and many times living with) people of the same gender they are pressured to identify as gay or lesbian."

It must be that old Homosexual Agenda again!

Definition of an asexual: one who finds no one sexually attractive.

Sexual repression and onanism seem epidemic in this community, a potentially lonely country of the sexually uninvolved.

After all, there are the asexual, and then there are the very asexual.



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Tuesday, February 04, 2003
Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Before we can "reform" the jails and prisons, we need first to release everyone incarcerated for victimless crimes.

We'll immediately shed about one quarter of the prison population, and theoretically reduce the taxpayers' burden by 25%.

That leaves just the perps caged for crimes against persons and property, many unredeemably violent.

Since society long ago discarded the antiquated notion that prisons provide rehabilitative opportunities for the ill-born and ill-educated, misbegotten, misunderstood, and misbehaved, let's focus on what confinement should do: punish.

Eliminate entirely the exercise equipment gracing prison gym clubs, where frustrated felons can bulk up -- the better to assault you on their release.

Provide a healthy menu, but lower the current high rates of salt, sugar and fat.

Stop the economic and and political exploitation of free convict labor for politicians, warders and stewards.

Reward the disciplined with conjugal visits.

Freely provide condoms on request, recognizing that sex is rampant.

AIDS education is in order here as well.

Provide the confined ample law and general libraries, grant complete freedom of reading, and allow uncensored television.

And recognize that drugs are as quickly available as sex.

In this, the keepers have as much to answer for as the kept.

Short of providing medium grade opium (so much preferable to speed) as maintenance, we see no solution to drugs behind bars.

Just one of many reasons prison "reform" is dead.



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