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Friday, March 21, 2003
Monday, March 24, 2003

It wouldn't do to neglect the pansexuals; they certainly don't neglect us.

Definition: a completly sexual person (Pan = all) in possession of "all" kinds of sexual shadings, inclinations, and possibilities -- heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, autoerotica, sado-masochistic, fetishist, etc.

The Pansexual Lobby proposes that these natural tendencies can erupt at any time, and that children are by nature polimorphoperverse [polymorphous] -- man as animal with several sexual permutations.

Children's curiousity leads them to discover touching their genitals, playing with their mothers, masturbating, exploring their excrement.

Later, they "play doctor," exploring joyfully, we are assured, the functions of the bodies of their friends.

All quite normal, says the Lobby.

Such "perverse" actions, alien to an organized (and highly puritanical) society, are later mostly psychologically repressed -- or made taboo.

Now, the Pansexual Agenda: no repression of any pansexual options and living freely (with, we trust, some modicum of common sense).

To ban these instincts only thus creates frustration, resulting in violent, anti-social behavior.

Very heady stuff.

And it sounds terribly exhausting and awfully effete, leading to a bad case of enervation.

We think we'll just skip the pansexual revolution.

At least for now.



Tuesday, March 18, 2003
Thursday, March 20, 2003

Think of Calvinism as less a religion and more a system of economic values.

(We are indebted for many of these views -- and certainly the many direct quotations -- to Edward Luttwak's excellent book, Turbo Capitalism. New York: Harper Collins, 1999. Out of print but available online at the usual outlets.)

The three binding rules of Calvinism: "Rule Number One is for high-earning winners. Rule Number Two is for the great mass of working stiffs of varying affluence or poverty but all losers in their own eyes. Rule Number Three is for the non-Calvinists among the losers, most of them poor, who refuse to accept Rule Number Two."

Not only is wealth no impediment to virtue, but a sign of divine favor for the luckily pre-destined. (Rule Number One!)

(So preacheth Calvinism.)

"Far from being condemned for greed, winners are held in the highest regard, and the greatest winners of all have almost an odor of sanctity."

"Even at play, Calvinist winners continue to enjoy themselves as little as possible."

(Reminds us of the puritans and their Republican thin-lipped coterie who absolutely cannot tolerate anyone else having a swell time.)

"Why should the poor envy those who enrich themselves if they [don't] enjoy their wealth...?"

(Of course: many do.)

"[F]ailure is not the result of misfortune or injustice, but of divine disfavor. Just as the ability to become very rich is next to sanctity, an inability to do so is next to sin, indeed almost sinful in itself." (Rule Number Two!)

(Getting ridiculous enough for you?)

"[L]osers blame themselves rather than the system, hating themselves instead of resenting the winners.... The result is that in a country that is literally of the winners, the losers have no political expression of their own. Nobody denies it to them -- it is the losers themselves who want so much to identify with winners that they deny their votes to any candidate who tries to represent their interests."

(They're just the wannabes who hanker endlessly for riches and need to identify with the "monied political party.")

(In other words, they vote against their own economic self-interest, usually by casting Republican ballots. This is why there is no "class warfare" that the Republicans love to invoke when giving tax breaks to the very rich.)

"For the uneducated there is only one possible form of expression: to break the law, by engaging in criminal activities such as muder, armed robbery, violent assault, rape, and the smoking of marijuana." [Italics added.]

In other words, "[i]f drugs were decriminalized, on what grounds could non-Calvinist losers be locked up?"

The "Calvinist System: winners diminish envy by self-restraint, compliant losers blame themselves for their fate, and both groups vent their frustrations by demanding harsh punishment for rebellious losers."

So that's how it works....


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