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Friday, August 15, 2003
Monday, August 18, 2003

The real upper class, about one percent of the total population, owns approximately 40% of all privately held wealth in America.

This elite is coddled, stroked and isolated from the lower and middle classes at all levels and at all stages of their development, especially in education.

The educational system teaches working class students to continue life as working class adults, and upper class students to assume their inherited places at the social ladder's very top.

Look what is offered the working (or lower) class student in high school: skills in auto body work and mechanics, carpentry, computers, "culinary arts," drafting, electronics, printing and welding.

They are taught to know their place and stay in it!

Meanwhile, boarding and prep schools provide a warm cocoon wherein they train their students for both academic success and social station.

These schools, even more than their families, concentrate on transmitting upper social class traditions, as well as regulate the new admission of wealth and talent.

Law Schools of the Elite (example: Harvard) discourage their students from entering public interest law, favoring the corporate and commercial.

They deny access to the legal system for the poor and working classes.

Job interviewers are less interested in an applicant's knowledge of the law than they are in his social graces.

The typical deluded American boob thinks School is the Great Leveler, the equal playing field of opportunity.


[Some fascinating class distinctions follow. For example, the so-called "service" clubs of small town America can be ranked thusly: Rotary: middle class; Kiwanis: lower middle class; Lions: high lower class, basically almost proletarian.

Protestant churches (Jews and Papists transcend class lines) ranked in descending social class order: High Episcopal (Anglican), Episcopal and New England Congregational, Presbyterian, Unitarian, Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist. (Below Baptist one finds unmentionables like the evangelically fevered charismatics and the snake-handlers.)

Even couples riding in cars betray their social class: lower: husbands in front, wives in rear; middle: husband and wife in front and back; lower upper: husbands with each others' wives front and back.]

The lower class, almost from birth, is taught submission to authority and passivity.

Elitist children are invited to self-study at their own pace with little supervision, and to make their own judgments -- independently and confidently.

So much for the widely touted "classless" America.


Note: we are much indebted to Whoopee Sue Feinstein's article on "Wealth and Power in America" at 212.net.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003
We just received the first batch of our bumperstickers:

"Recall Schwarzeneggar."

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